Open source software that I’ve authored and some of my more significant contributions to other projects. For details see my GitHub profile.


kafka-lag-exporter GitHub release

I open sourced Kafka Lag Exporter to help users monitor Kafka consumer group lag & latency in their Apache Kafka apps. An Akka Typed application that runs on Kubernetes and exports Promtheus metrics. Introduced in the following blog post: Monitor Kafka Consumer Group Latency with Kafka Lag Exporter.

connect-prism NPM version

I’m the author of the node.js connect-prism and grunt-connect-prism libraries. Use prism to record, mock, and proxy HTTP traffic as middleware with the connect middleware framework.


A set of three end-to-end Apache Spark Streaming applications I’ve used in presentations to teach people about Spark.


An engineering report and a set of PoC’s that demonstrate “Exactly Once” message delivery semantics in Apache Kafka using Kafka base clients, Kafka Streams, and Alpakka Kafka.



  • Akka - Log messages DSL for Akka Typed - PR, Docs